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Florida VI Mailbox Service

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Shopping online and you cannot get your packages shipped to the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico or any Caribbean Island?  Other delivery companies shipping charges too expensive or having problems clearing customs? You’ve come to the right company! Welcome to Florida VI Mailbox Service. We will ship your packages directly to your Virgin Islands, PR or any Caribbean Island address at a low cost.  We offer FREE Florida mailboxes.  As a leader in the industry, Florida VI Mailbox Service has set the bar with its unwavering commitment to quality, performance and exceptional customer care. Through our extensive selection of services, we go above and beyond to ensure your shipping needs are met. Register today!!!

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  • To get your FREE mailbox, you simply need to Register below. 

  • After you register, we will email you your mailbox address and you can begin using your Florida mailbox address provided by Florida-VI Mailbox Service for purchases, packages, or mail immediately.

  • Once we receive your package(s), we will send you your invoice which will include the shipping cost and *surcharge fee. Shipping cost will vary depending on size and weight of each package. If you know the weight of your package, you can calculate the cost online at The maximum weight limit is 70lbs through USPS.  Any package sent over 70lbs will be shipped via Cargo. If you are shipping Cargo, prices will vary and further instructions will be sent to you before you ship. 

  • We do not open or repack your packages.  Your package will be shipped in the original box we receive it in. 

  • Payment must be made before your package will be shipped to you.  You can pay over the phone (340) 714-2010 with a major credit card or you can pay through PayPal to    

  • Once payment is made, package(s) will be shipped via Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express.  The post office will provide FREE Insurance coverage of up to $50.  Additional insurance is available upon request. 

  • Your tracking number for your package(s) will be emailed to you. Once you receive your tracking number, we are no longer responsible for your package.  If any issue arises after we provide you with your tracking number, you will have to contact the US Post Office directly at 1 800 275-8777.   

  • Florida-VI Mailbox Service will not accept “postage due” mail and/or COD packages or sign for packages. 

  • The customer shall only use the Florida address for shipping packages only.  The customer also agrees that it will not use the mailbox for any unlawful, illegal, or fraudulent purposes or for any other purpose not in conformity by the USPS regulations or other applicable laws, statues, rules, and regulations.    

  • If Florida-VI Mail Box Service suspects that the mail service is being used or has been used for any unlawful, fraudulent or illegal activities, we will terminate this agreement and service.  

  • To avoid any legal issues, the customer shall not allow anyone to use their mailbox address.  The name on the registration form shall be the only one using the mailbox.

  • The Post Office will not accept any Illegal Drugs or Controlled Substance or Hazardous Materials including Explosives, Gases, Flammable Liquids or Combustible Liquids, Flammable Solids, Spontaneously Combustibles, Oxidizer and Organic Peroxides, Poison Inhalation Hazards, Radioactive, or Corrosives.    



Working along side with the United States Postal Service to give you the lowest price $

Small (.01 to 15lbs) $17  

Medium (16 to 40lbs) $29  

Large (41-70lbs) $41

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